Miho Mazereeuw

Yoshihiro Hiraoka

Hiroto Kobayashi

Christopher De Vries:  Christopher just graduated from the Scientific Masters in Architectural Studies program at MIT specializing in the integration of regional development, urban design and architecture through the design of hydrologic systems. In previous years Chris founded a research group and the University of Technology in Delft, called Urban Emergencies, which studies the effects of long term disaster redevelopment responses at an urban-regional scale in Ghana, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines and El Salvador.  He hopes to put his practical skill sets as an architect and urban designer to use for the benefit of the tsunami affected communities of Minami Sanriku Cho.

Kenya Endo:  Kenya is a Landscape Architecture student at GSD Harvard University. Prior to GSD, he studied urban planning and landscape ecology at University of Tokyo.  He is interested in phytoremediation and community development.

Stephen Fan:  Prior to pursing architecture at Harvard GSD, Stephen has apprenticed under a master violin-maker in Germany, written travel guide books for Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand, and shot a short film in Hong Kong.  Having worked and interned at architecture firms and public planning agencies in the US and Japan, he is interested in the intersections of design, infrastructure and public policy.

Yuhka Miura:  Currently pursuing a Master in Architecture at Harvard GSD, Yuhka has been fascinated by the creation/influence of space since studying dance at a young age.  Having worked in a small town hall office in Miyazaki Prefecture, she is interested in the multi-stakeholder design process. She loves travelling and tasting different cuisines despite allergies to fish and nuts.

Sky Milner

Shota Mori:  Shota is a fourth year architecture student at Miyagi University’s Project Design Department, Space Design and Information Technology Program.  He is interested in hearing the stories of the community members and helping out regardless of whether it’s related to architecture or not.

Mina Nishio

Misato Odanaka

Nina Sickenga: Nina recently finished her Masters of Architecture degree from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her thesis looked at the possibility of retrofitting public infrastructures into informal and overcrowded markets in Ghana. In 2009 she researched the long term affects of the post-disaster redevelopment after the 1999 landslides in Vargas, Venezuela. Nina hopes to help with the design of future development scenarios through community engagement and participatory strategies.

Ayumi Suzumoto

Shoko Takemoto:  Shoko is a recent graduate of the master of city planning program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Prior to MIT, she worked as an environmental consultant in Japan and in Asia on projects related to biomass utilization and CO2 reduction.  She is interested in participatory planning and building community resilience for disaster and climate change.

Takanori Watanabe